Thank you everybody for your support of Jersey Day 2018. The response has been amazing, and it is always encouraging to see social media filled with so many positive messages.

We have been asked before – ‘Why Jersey’s?’ A Jersey represents the unity of a team and the commitment of a team to a common cause. It has been fantastic to see so many Australian’s united as a team for Jersey Day. From small toddlers and school children all the way to the Prime Minister.

We are making progress regarding Organ & Tissue Donation – we are not there yet though. Jersey Day demonstrates that as a country, Australians have the will power to solve this problem.

It will take perseverance, a generosity of spirit and teamwork.

In our family we like to encourage a simple mantra with our kids – Share, Care and Good Manners. So simple, but so effective.

It is no surprise that these are the same qualities that our buddy Nath G displayed so often to so many. Not a minute goes by without thinking about our sharing and caring mate and the happiness that he brought to all of our lives.

After his accident I placed my head on Nath G’s chest and listened to his heart beat. I swear to you that our hearts were beating in perfect time. I knew at that moment that his heart would beat longer and stronger than a normal human heart ever could or would.

And it will.

The greatest team you will ever be a part of is your family, and the luckiest day of our lives was when Nath G joined our team.

We love him and we miss him.

Thank you and Regards,